Your call


First we had a fight
then we were fine.
We were alright, 
having a little fun but lots of hot hugges and kisses.
By that time i was worried about the money, but also concerned about the love i feel every second of my life in my heart.
Thing got rough
for a moment i could not get what was going on.
One second we were holding hands,
the next one i was soaked in tears that were killing me from the madness
and the sorrow of watching them taking you away from me.
I dont know whats happening next,
for now, i can just apologize
and wait for your call…

¿De qué color?

Debo guardar silencio,
y observar…
debo guardar silencio,
y escuchar.

No escucho claramente nada,
porque todo se siente lento,
en mis manos se escapa todo el tiempo,
el presente.

No podría sentir más intensamente todo,
como volar en sueños,
todo lo que ahí encuentro,
se vuelve real.

¿De qué color serás cuando te vuelvas realidad?

To be social

I can tell just what you want,
You dont want to be alone.

I can say its what you know,
What you know it the whole time…

Speaking words of wisdom.

You know we are gonna find you,
You think we are gonna miss you.

From the mainstream,
to the basement,


Droping tears of dispair,
The flying dream has come to an end…
I miss when I didn’t know.

Too honest to be social,
to charm to be sexy.

Where does all the bees gone?