Laugh of life

Worse than believe in a cure,
is the hope of relief in the future,
what hurts your heart today,
is only inside yourself.

Loneliness, Restless, Hapinness, Voidness,
What is inside us?
I feel inside myself, I’m full of you.

I see into your eyes, I’m so in you,
While everyting else remains the same,
so grey, so slow, so tempting…

Magically faded by your soft skin,
when the world looks stunningly indifferent,
Sometimes it seems like everyone know your name.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t there.

When will you return?
Don’t tell me,
I’d better wait,
It’s worth it.

To be social

I can tell just what you want,
You dont want to be alone.

I can say its what you know,
What you know it the whole time…

Speaking words of wisdom.

You know we are gonna find you,
You think we are gonna miss you.

From the mainstream,
to the basement,


Droping tears of dispair,
The flying dream has come to an end…
I miss when I didn’t know.

Too honest to be social,
to charm to be sexy.

Where does all the bees gone?