What I know about you

It is clear that, there are many things that I don’t know about you. But here comes what I do know about you:

You are amazing. Not as the way you think of even people thinks about the amazingness itself, there is something inside you that touch my soul and lovely tatoo something there.

You smell sweet. your skin is so soft and your body so tiny and fragile that I feel I’m having some kind of treasure in my hands. I still can feel my nose driving slowly trough your arm skin when we were laying on my bed looking for a sweet kiss.

You are strange. You said too many things to me, and I’m not sure why you said all those things, and I’m not saying this in a bad way but, it quite doesn’t make any sense once you deeply analizes

You use me. You came into me, you took as much as you could, you learned about your power, and I learned about mine. Try not to misunderstand what I’m saying here, we can always be friends, but the truth is I feel my arms empty and not because of you left, but because my body is weak caused by the energy that is missing in my body.

You left.

That’s all I know about you.

And after all I don’t have the guts to send you F*** **F

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