What’s inside a demon

Think a demon as that face of you that was programed to happen but then, actually happen.

Is not you, is the world. Everything is changing so fast that eventually reach us. That’s when you realize that the development is not something that exist, but a process of becoming into something different, something better. Or just forget what I just said.

But the point is: I will write something good stories of things that I think they should consider before I stop what I feel right now, because is something absolutly clear that emotions in other people looks like finally vanish, or it transform in something non romantic peaceful not actually caring too much but still? (If you understand what I said here, please click here) so, anyway I have weird luck with women.

(1,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo.o1 and it is more than itself or at least try.)
Estación del metro Sevilla 26.11.11 Ciudad de México

It is fun to see what is actually capable to happen in reality, cause when you believe some great things will never happen to you, but suddenly is what you just have streching in your arms. Life has its own weird mistic way to happen. The only thing it looks like we can do is to take opportunities even if you are not ready, or maybe if it’s too late but nothing will change that, what can take another look is how we see the same …

«Confieso que fui atrapado por la telenovela!» Good strategy an Initiation Audio at a particular time to start the lame soup opera. I was too lacy to close it and the site catch me again. The importance of a good a momentum in things is that always grows, creates, develops and understands.

You have to maintain yourself outside as much as you can, then you can come inside, and use what

«te la van dosificando» 

He encontrado indicios de una intención moralizadora o por lo menos preventiva del desastre, por parte de los escritores de telenovelas, que me pongo a pensar si en verdad será un medio si bien no brand safe por lo menos si será un medio muy efectivo para en verdad: hacer conversiones.

I’m proud about the fact that learning about the media is learning about the people, and learning about my self, my life, and my world better explained our world.


The hardest, hold on:

Lo que parece contar esta historia de la vida lo voy a tratar de explicar con el siguiente dialogo entre dos personas:

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