Some notes

¿Cuán frágil eres frente a mi mirada?
es verdad que, ¿Tienes que preguntar, aún viéndome a los ojos?

Lo importante de que nada tenga sentido es que puede cobrar cualquier sentido.

Si las decisiones éticas son justificaciones de nuestras emociones, existe la ética verdaderamente?

Quiero terminar el libro de Outliers hoy

HISTORIA: Assasins from Union Square
Derek was drinking his beer as every monday morning. -When will be the last time I will have to kill somebody?- Derek was thinking looking at the waitress butt. -Would you like something else, Bob?- The old lady asked from the other side of the bar. Derek didn’t answer but his thoughts keep going forward:

(Inside Derek’s «Bob» head)

I wish my mother were here.
Sense of killer.
Blood sparkles over my new shoes.
-Johny, la gente está muy loca- (drinking champagne with some strippers)

Where does all the guitar sounds went?
That woman was looking at me at same moment I was killing her husband.
I didn’t see her face but I know she was looking at me,
She was crying, hating me, i could feel all the hate,
but as soon as I pull the trigger, her hate disappear.

She was only sad,
She stopped looking at me,
she went with whom she had always love.

Sadly she didn’t knew until he was dead.

Who isn’t a killer anyway?
Why no one judge her for driving her entirely family through death?
Why is she so called victim?

I miss Antonia.
My little sister, Wherever she is.

-May I have another beer ma’m?- Derek said to the old lady with his hopeless voice, barely looking to somewhere.

Loneliness will be better if you weren’t here,
nothing else is inside me after my last 5 years doing this.
I wish I could stop, I wish I hadn’t start.

Let’s be frank,
This is just what I always wanted,
thats why I’m here.

Derek standed up from the dirty chair on the bar of the small breakfast restaurant, drank his beer in one long shot, cleaned up his mouth, put his hat on and went out smoothly faster.

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