Short shots of soft pain SSSP

I know you are out there…

Look at my eyes once,
you will see yourself.

look at my eyes twice,
you will only see myself,
inside you.


I’m sorry,
I apologize…
Believe me,
I’m so sorry,

I will be here,
imagine you.

You will be there,
Thinking of us,
with him.

Crying for you,
Missing me.

I know you are not perfect,
But I don´t care.

I know you are not here,
But I don’t care.

I know I screwed everything up,
But what to do now?

I know I’ve been having this conversation for a while,
by my own,
so what?

Nothing can’t stop me,
from being this way,
you will miss me.

I bet you already do…
so what?

Does anyone has the courage to change?

If I were an electric storm,
I’ve had ended a long time ago.

All I feel in my hands now,

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