Love Manifesto

No matter what happens. I want you to know I like you and if I could kiss you, I will kiss you, but the fact I like you is not only I desire you, I also love you. Obviously.

The compassionate love means you and I are one, so I see you are in me and all I feel, you are also in the possibility of feeling it as well. This happens to be from your perspective and based on your own dreams and heritage, but basically I know you are the perfect representation of the universe were I can see myself dreaming about this life.

I love you so much that you will be always be free. And if you forget that I will make sure to remind you how unique and self aware you are, you need nothing but you, I am like candy. I want you to be as happy as possible, to try as many ice cream flavors as your tummy can take, to fall in love so many times that you have to write and film a documentary at the age of 51.

I want you to be happy ‘cause when you are happy you shine, and from that clear strong beautiful white light that comes out of you I can see my own dreams, I see you and you inspire me, and the expansive spiral extends to the infinite. If I like you is because your presence makes me vibe when we are close.

For me your happiness is first, so before us there is you and me, we can come close and celebrate together any manifestation of life and death but always from conviction and conscious decision and not only because we have to.

I love you because I dream about a place were people doesn’t need to feel owning or being owned by someone.

But still remember, there is always what you feel right now. Everything changes all the time, and that thing that never happen before can happen at any second.

So I thought I liked you but some many times your beauty drive me to the actual you, which in some cases was creepy, scary or simply real. Sometimes it was poetry made by human flesh and light. Sometimes this physical attraction only means that somehow our souls should have this telepathic cosmic catch up. We can also have coffee.

I like when you kiss me, when you come to say hello, it took you courage, believe me, I know.

But I also like when you explain me how to love you and peel you like a good onion. Sometimes is romantic, sometimes is simple and pure friendship, but the energetic simbiosis is healthy, is balanced, explosive and respectful.

In this magic world there is no need to suffer around the feeling love, the love that hurts is not love. Read that again.

So tonight, I was just excited about life, like, I don’t wanna die without seeding more flowers, writing more songs, telling my stories. But it can also be part of this love manifesto which includes everything but monogamy, which I openly believe is the root of human misfortune. But we can keep thinking about it, it seems that the world hasn’t end just yet.

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