Sustainable enterprise, change, profit, disrupte.

So this is me talking about me.

Let’s start from there.

Is not long ago I realize this is gonna last forever, not only life but existence and human beings societies. The truth is: we do not really deserve to keep living for longer since our main job since industrialization has been destroyed the heart of our mother earth; but still, is inevitable to feel this way about existence today, so I will only start by saying this:

So, you have a laptop and a degree, some of you even a master, or an international Ph.D. but worse than the doctor name, you haven’t realized how to fix society. Is it really that hard?

How about making a small business that changes peoples lives. Imagine how many people use money for normal life transactions every day just in your neighborhood.

Imagine if you could take a 5% for your spiritual needs of growth and enlightenment.

This is not speculation or misleading others to take advantage of their ideas but building sustainable solutions for them. We are the company fixing the light for cheap, and profiting from night shows for all the good people sharing the existence in a beautiful, healthy, free environment without any type of pressure, just chill and enjoy what has been build for you, we use the money to serve you in the long run. (So you feel comfortable with it)

You see, it comes and goes when I speak to you as a producer and then as a consumer, cause we are all the same, and as much as you can earn money to «get» what you need, what can make a huge difference is getting that cash in circulation constantly to enough people around the World.

There are one, of several solutions, for social problems and they are for sale.

Let’s use the same structure we have been used to build corporations, to offer systems where workers and consumers get equal benefits and they can live a high-quality life experience, just as existence should be.

Good service, good payment, reasonable work hours agreed by producer and consumer directly, and not arranged by the industry as today economy is driven.

So this is what I am doing, and you must too.

Not for profit but for changing the World.

If you have a computer and a degree: It means you know how international networks works and how much money people is using to live their lives. If you have a degree it should mean you can criticize.

I’m talking about observing and see how corruption is taking advantage of consumers in many daily life areas (e.g. UBER) and offer the good solution. Destroy a hole monopoly within months.

Think about this:

You live in a 10 apartments property. Each apartment costs a million dollars.

You see everyone is struggling to park their boats in the common bay because the property managers aren’t familiar with the process of parking boats so frequently,

You remember your friend Frank has this yacht company in the public bay, you can call him and create a wise & clever solution that will fix the building bay parking problem and reduce the pollution in 65%.

Based on the fact you will convince all people living in the property you can offer a very low rate and still be profiting out of it, Will you propose a better bay parking management?

How does this project will improve your community integration?

Do you think is a good way to reach an agreement between landlords?

How do you feel about profiting from improving your own environment?

Do you think this is scalable?

Please share your thoughts I will be happy to hear from you!










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