This is just me in PR

I was wondering why I was here but now is so fucking clear that I refuse myself to believe I was denying this for myself.

It’s just 3 days and this Island has already overcome my senses, my skin is red and my throat hurts, I will not complaint, people is wonderful.

This looks like a dream but is in fact the multiplicity of reality and the real possibility of traveling between worlds.

Yes, I can see the soul and that’s exciting. No, I cannot control the energy and save people from themselves. See planes crash everyday hurts the spirit and vanishes hope so take a deep breath, those awful emotions and personas are also lessons, telling you something so pay attention. We are humans so we are everything we can find annoying.

I will only allow to use my energy to plans that recreates the energy in the world’s best tone. This is a compromise to stay still for long term challenges,


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