The poem of life

via Daily Prompt: Aware

The poem of life feb 2017

I was working as always on Sunday night and listening to the dogs barking outside I come across the idea of being «aware.» Think about this: From all the events that happen in your life during the past few days, will you call any of them remarkable?

We just came across with a massive lunar energy this weekend which is changing the energy in the planet earth. Do you feel it inside you?

Feel it all around you and remember this moment is perfect. Everything you want in the future is what is making you miserable, is called desired. All that you regret in the past is your own guilt, and it doesn’t exist but in our minds only. Only in the present moment, you will see you are in the right place, at the right time, all the time.

Only when we aware of this and we keep ourselves observing all around us and inside us, avoiding quick judgments and thinking: Where does the judge come from? How you I feel about this? Is it a type of feeling I usually feel? Interaction changes us, and it may take our attention away from our own lives.

Remember you are free as long as you understand what freedom means.


Thank for the excuse for some writing!


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