After a month here

How will you describe your experience in this life?

How about your yesterday´s journey?

We are walking to some place but, What is going to happen after you get what you want?

It is cool to start with some questions, so you can be fully distracted when you get to read this lines. Basically, it doesn’t count as communication if we are not exchanging ideas from the very beginning.

What I like about languages is that you can learn more from the way people talks to each other, and what those words means to them than only walking around their streets. There is too much knowledge inside our culture chips than we are an extraordinary source of cultural information about where we come from.

There is peace coming from knowledge of course. There is much more anxiety than in ignorance. Which drives smart people to some uneasiness feeling once in a while.

Tomorrow will be having the sacred medicine and I am happy and excited. Trying to keep it cool and manage no expectations. It is a time for reborn.

Germany and The Netherlands are definitely one of the most amazing places I have ever been in my life and I am sure there is still too much to see and share about this epic places.

I take no rush in this trip to understanding, this life is all about the experience. What experience are you sharing with the world?

Yes, more questions for you. You can answer for yourself alone. Although I am always happy to talk about it. Namaste.

2016-11-02 10.42.38-2.jpg

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