Some words from Munchen

This place is a small paradise.

Full of open spaces, small buildings, and death silence it is the great place to die with no sound slowly.

I am happy to visit my friends, see they are doing great, having same dreams and fears and fighting against all what overcomes their way. I am also happy to all the new worlds we will open for other people.

It’s boring. It make me feel older than I actually am and I can’t wait to see my friend Hector and smoke one around the corner.

Thank you Munich for teaching me something new. For meeting your friendly people and your absolutely independent children.

There is much from you that the World can learn, but I also know there is so much of the world that make so much good, you will see.

2016-10-10 15.48.49.jpg

Thank you for your trees and the lonely walks in your darkness silence. I hope I can come back soon to see all of this full of snow.

It has been a couple of days after The We, and I still miss my soul buddies although I know they are here with me. So the contrast from the unity and the experience of the self.

Finally thanks to that girl, that let me know I should leave the train without a ticket NOW cause the people checking was coming. It reminded me the time I was walking around Golden Gate Park and a girl shouted me: «There is the bus station! Sorry dude, I felt I had to tell him (As she was talking on the phone)

So, again a completely lovely stranger saved me from something that could end up no that well. I left the train, I did not wait for the bus though.

So… For Berlin, for Munich, for The We, for David, for Claudia and for Raúl. Thanks for such a warmth welcome in Germany, so far, best trip of y life.




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