People ask Why? I explain. They don’t believe it

Even when it is very simple when reading the concept, understanding is much more complicated when the mind is mold with preconceptions.

Thoughts are actions in the present that disappear, the memory of the ideas brought by thoughts keeps in the human brain and make him understand quickly, or it can also make harder to understand.

How you do you do it? It is a simple question. The answer is: be present. Remember, observe, relax and enjoy. Work when you need to work, listen when you need to listen, learn from all and take the time to rest, smile and enjoy yourself. Every day, every night, all the time.

If you feel like doing something that breaks your routine or your «health» try it for the experience. Even if you feel bad about it later, it is part of the lesson you were meant to receive from the universe. Then, take action accordingly to the teachings of your experience.

Be free. Stop believing «someone or something» is allowing you to do certain things and other things are practically forbidden. You decide, nothing is permanent; you can change all, always, all the time.

Let the love guide you. Always take action based on love, universalize love and stop thinking individually, everyone is the one and the same and send love to anything is send love to yourself. There is only love, share the love is sharing the energy, the energy flows among all if we surf its flow we can do whatever we like and please.

Serve the other. Do more than what you supposed to do, help more, clean more, ask twice. Take a moment for the other like your life depend it on it. In a rare environment where life is not the most valuable asset, humans treat living things as merchants. So open up to another type of communication and seed hope in other people.

Intent as will. Believe in yourself; your thoughts mold your life. Understand your evil thoughts sick you and kill you, understand your mind and overcome it, silence your human life and listen to your cosmic soul. Be what you are meant to be.

Relax. Already everything is perfect, whether you like it or not the present is the sum of all life intent, for the good or for the bad the present is the wave the time has brought to the present. Surf it, wanna change it? Change your intent from this second; Ready? Now it’s done.

Scientific knowledge is a cage where humans keep believing they are other different things than nature elements itself. Stop glorifying «reason» and feel the energy and hear what it has to say to you.




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