Reiki session

It will be ok she said.
-You will understand the fact why this is happening like this right now. Don’t bother trying to understand. It will hurt I know and I’m sorry to break your heart in the end, but understand this is the best for us. I’m sure our friends connection will allow us to keep sharing the best part of our lives, and making worth to live and feel the meaning of a true friendship. It is just the perfume of the season what makes you believe we are meant to be together, you pig. And also its time for you to listen to your parents ‘cause you should really start thinking about quitting marihuana at least for a while. It’s important for you to now on listen to your body, and listen to your precious brain. Be a men for once in your life, stand on what you believe and change the world like I’m doing everyday.

I was looking to her lips, fuck she’s not real. What If I made all this things up?

-But, come on. Let’s try what do you have to lose?
I said.

-Nothing, needs to be lost.
She said.

Today has been a pretty allucinating day. I’m watching this sexy tan 21 year old girl, and almost at the end of the day I’ll be writting these lines.
So exciting to be alive, to have a story to tell, a moment for write a life, to create a moment, I’m making my tomorrow’s memories of tomorrow with the people I’m living with right now, so I’m actually creating magic from inside ourselves and just for the fun and health of it.

But yes, Spring is terrible to remind us how animals we are, how heat makes us sweat, we all love the heat but it seems like there is none willing to oversweat.

Then it comes her boyfriend singing out loud being such the prick I should be to bang the girls I want to bang… Not worth it.

It is too late for us today and I have to go to sleep just accepting the cold fact.
But is too soon to miss you.
It is too soon to think you don’t love me,
‘cause I made you think about it,
I stand up in front of you and I share what I felt was right.

Maybe I’m thinking too much,
maybe its time for me and just accept the cold fact.

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