Please, do not ask

Nothing else to say but this:

Heart, I understand you are in pain and I am sorry, I had never meant to destroy you with my hands covered in blood, and twist your soft and kindness mind, It was just a brutal time mistake.

To my old bike, I always wanted to thank you because you bring me to the most glorious moments in my life as a child.

At this time, I could ask anything but actually I dont want to, usually answers are not the same to what we would like to hear, because if we knew the content of the different arguments around the topics…, but we dont.

Or maybe we do, or at least, usually, we have enough arguments to think on an accurated afirmation that can came from an specific question. So what to do? Breath, ask just if you must know.

Leather lines of suffer.
Awake or try to do so.
Try to die but it’s not up to you.
Weirdness is the price of being authentic.

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