Echoes in the universe

How easy is it to look at yourself in the mirror and feel at peace, in front of the absolute reflection of everything?
This is not about me or the time we are living in, but the soul we are carrying inside these Fleshbot’s.
Are we holding our hands enough?
Humans are hungry for love and affection which drive us to cause affliction in others while pursuing our selfish futile goals. Then, there comes the deep silence where the being goes to rest and finds out what is inside the spectrum of his temporary life experience.
I am destruction but I am creation, but I touch is what I become, what is touched is transformed some other way.
This is an eternal cycle, we are bouncing in circles, eternal spirals of the same ascending sometimes descending.
For now, I can sit here in silence for another year, but still, I want to try some things although I don’t want them that much anymore.
For now is okay to just watch on what we will become, harvesting what we seed for so long.

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