Beautiful Life Transformations

Life is not a constant. The only thing we see is movement, the flow, the endless circle of life. It is always too soon to say we have «find the way» the truth is as soon as we reach some type of goal it is almost the same moment we are starting all over again.

I see myself now as an older being, I see my old path, and I can’t walk it anymore. I am close to a transformation, and for now, I just feel the will to do so.

I feel I am changing, and the World around me is changing as well. It is also scary some of the images and experiences that I have lived these days since I see so much pain in my brothers and sisters. A disconnection from their spirituality, a complete misunderstanding of their true selves and the total absence of will to walk in any other direction.

While I see some people walking a more spiritual, fraternal and loved-based path, there are also people controlled by consumerism, materialism, selfishness, and vanity. I see their emptiness so clear that scares me. Is there a soul inside?

I have an opportunity to walk ancient lands, temples and towns where I could feel how deep is this relationship, how long the human beings have been struggling against their fear and how hard for us is to let the love drive our lives. There is wisdom there, there is also happiness, but the ancient lands have been infected with the anger, the soulness of consumerism and capitalism. The opportunity to buy has been democratized, the enlightenment trial had always been, but now it doesn’t attractive to this new generation of people.

Anyway, I am full of hope because that road ends fast, the void we get after going shopping, having meaningless sex or even regular drug consumption is to deep and wide world spread, people will demand a cure, a cure for the soul, that’s where the hope is. It will take years, and many lives, It will be slow and will look motionless, but the transformation is happening, and the options are spreading around the World. It is funny that the wrong reasons are driving people to the spiritual life, which is fine because there will be so much power once they accept the obsolescence of the old paths.

I am just another volunteer, a universe tool, a helper for those who need to hear about this, a hard conversation that nobody is willing to have with you, that’s me. I still need to learn when and how should I talk about this, because I am not enlightened neither perfect, I need to be patient with those who are willing to change their lives but still trapped in their on ego. I want to help I want to heal the suffering in my brothers.

So this is why I walk, this is why I travel. My goal is ascension, and my destiny is service.





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