More than 5 months in Dubai

It´s been a while since I got to this place… Finally I´m very happy and here is why.

I particularly think that my feeling of awkwardness wasn’t any related with this land. It was more like a personal process of autodiscovering. Yes I miss Mexico and my family, the food and amazingly amazing, flavoury green and fresh weed we used to smoke everyday back there, but Dubai has so much more to offer.

Yes, is not a big city. Is more like a big Village, for me, resembles to Cancun but in Steroids. People from everywhere living a fancy and lazy life. I will say 90% of the people I know are genuinely happy, I can feel it. There is sad people also, one of my roommate´s life is miserable based on what I can see on his nutrition and drinking habits. But in general and again, it doesn’t have to do with our lovely sandpit but our attitude towards life.

Dubai allowed me to meet people from many countries, I finally fell in love with Indian food, I wear sandals at work pretty much everyday and Monday is not horrible anymore because we start our business weeks on Sunday.

This places have seen humans trading goods since 5,000 years ago, you can feel how old is this ground and how much effort has been printed on every single inch of the sandy soil. Arabs has a very bad reputation because what TV taught us about them, but is only to justify inhuman acts of violence and abuse such as wars and civil attacks for decades now from NATO and the owners of the money. But as far as I have the chance to interact with Afghans, Pakistanis, Emiratis, Iraqis and so on, Arabs are very friendly people, business and family oriented, they are bright and they care about others.

There is also place for everyone, and no matter what you want to do or achieve, possibilities multiplies within your eyes. Everything you may be possibly looking for, will be displayed in front of your eyes.

Yes, most of the people that are here, feel themselves as expats, outsiders, As if they don’t belong to this land, that is in my opinion, why they don’t care about this town. People from all levels of education and backgrounds through their leftovers and trash into the ground on the streets, that really disgust me.

The heat is crazy, the humidity is nice. The atmosphere is calm and days goes by easy. People live lifes in peace and in no harm.

This is a place for those who have big dreams and the patience to bring them to life. Place for hard workers, smart entrepreneurs, visionaries and artists. I´m confident something big will grow from here and be good enough to spread all over the world for a positive impact on the way humans live.

And if all these seems to be too vague and not good enough to feel myself comfortable here, I will just add I met a beautiful woman from Colombia who is making me days so much worth it than any other days in my life.

I apologize Dubai for being so hard on you, It was not your fault. I wasn’t listening to you, I was just listening to my own complaints.


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