Is a brand new day

Wake up, wake up… is a brand new day! My alarm sounds every morning since I got a phone last week.
I’m not used to this new world. The dessert makes me feel calm, I can’t say I don’t miss cannabis but in its forced absence I guess the soft light sand is good enough so far.

Sometimes I’m not sure if I miss something in particular or if I miss everything as a whole. Maybe I don’t miss anything at all, maybe is still not time to start missing things.

Anyway everything feels so good, so natural so real. I’m happy, I’m always happy, people is so nice and funny, I only can see a few souls over their sights, but I guess I’ll become better at find them inside themselves with a little bit of more time.

The music is the same, the jokes are very much the same, the problems, the girls, the boys and the mess. Places are quite more quiet and the party is very much controlled, people looks older, girls looks hotter and the air is chilly than in my city… Just for the winter, that’s what people say.

Dubai, Media Production Zone. Dec, 2013

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