What is Student Power?

Student Power is more than a nice term.
It is more than the name of a conference
But you should search for NSPC12 and go,
Because they will plan to change the world.

Student Power is more than the DREAM,
Much more than a «smaller cut victory.»
You say you want to fight for rights?
Do you want to stop privatization?

Then you first have to take power.
Take legal, representative, democratic authority.
Claim, defend and expand your seat at the table.
Wield it as if you had it, and they’ll start to listen.

It won’t be pretty or easy. DUH!
What, would you prefer playing video games?
Going to work, mowing the lawn, repeating?
Reading that slavery is a thing of the past?

Imagine you are one of the better-off victims of an evil empire.
You only get one life, but you can change the settings.
Radically take the power back to the majority.
Let’s demand a student bill of rights.

This is real life.
Let’s stand up to greet it.
Student Power brought down Apartheid.
Global student power will bring down the corporations.

Dear Students (and Workers),
Time to strike the empire down:
The world is ready, the time is now. via Michael Wilson

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