The truth about You and I

Sometimes I look younger than you,
when I’m scared and I need your arms,
You take care of me when I’m afraid of what seems to be simple,
I teach you when clouds doesn´t let you see the sky.

You are afraid to the dark,
and I enjoy hugging in the dark.

What our souls are talking sometimes is weird,
the way sometimes, I look into your eyes may be silly,
My heart is kinda like a child.
Your tears sometimes light up the world,
When those tears comes from happiness.

Sometimes you yell, sometimes I speak,
but most of the time what we do best is Love.
when we both love everything flows like a quite river.
Slow and fast over the rounded rocks,
relaxing the lines of energy that flows from us to the earth.

Once in a while I forget we are the same thing,
Usually I can´t remember my life without you,
I had never realize the time actually stops when were not around.
I feel you lips all over my body healing my soul,
What you think becomes in love.

We are lovers,
We are fighters,
We are dreamers,
We are criers.

We are together,
We are standing alone,
We are happy,
We are soul mates.

We are fighters,
We are humans,
We are Love.

Happiness is in Love
No distance may apart my feelings from you,
Any barrier will make me stop seeing you.

No lies can destroy the hidden strength of our eternal soul,
No words can apart my love from your heart.
No time can make you forget your first kiss… from me.

This world may end soon or not,
but the endless feeling in these couple of souls,
will go even further,

Away from human eyes, 
Further our fears, and weaknesses..

It will always standing there,
waiting for us.

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