That is why

My life wasn’t great, but it was super ok.
although technically nothing has change,
I feel I just fell on one of my famous mind vortex.

Like when a I was kid, pure and innocent.
Now it’s funny, scary and I feel dizzy.

It’s nice to know I still feel,
I had forgot you weren’t here,
I remember why I was missing you,
I know why I was deeply sad.

But there is no crying season,
Let’s a soft wallk,
Maybe I’ll dare… to take your hand,
I’m sure I will do my smile thing with you.

All what we build is far from now,
but when you talk I feel I didn´t go anywhere,
If you keep saying «bombo» I will feel like we live in a hug.
One soul, one love, one life, forever.

That’s why I dont want to open my eyes.

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