The growth of Online Advestising and Online Marketing

A couple of years ago, when i finished the Google Adwords Professionals Exam, which I aprroved, I wasn´t aware about the impact of whole Adwords thing among the industry. Today after 2 years working with campaigns and also trafficking a web site of 600,000 visits per day size, I’ve realized what online advertising will represent on the short run.

Although in many Latin American counties the reticense about online advertising has diminish while the costs on TV and Radio advertising were raising and rising. Not only the cost matter but also the effectiveness and all the performance indicators involved with online advertising are superior over the TV and the Radio.

The oppotunity of a whole web site about a product, a promotion or a contest, let the costumer/user the freedom of look for what he/she wants, teach us how to persuade them better by understanding their behaviour.

Markets such as México, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Argentina, are changing the way they do advertising, nowadays in most of the media plans, Internet starts to rule the plan.

For those few experts around this industry looks like a wonderful opportunity to seek new markets, to try other countries strategies, as UK, US, Japan, etc. Over the months, and now over the years, the influence of Online Marketing will keep growing and growing, Let’s see how this drive the change in the Costumer-Brand interaction.

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