When This All Gets Cool

(By: Chris Brogan) Toy Story Ride
Social media are a bunch of tools. They let us see things a bit differently. They empowered new ways of working together. But they’re just the tools. When this all gets cool is when we start really turning this stuff on our own passion projects, on our bigger goals, on what COULD happen.
What projects would I work on, if I were over how cool social media is?

  • Start a public list of Twitter accounts from local businesses. Point everyone in your community to it.
  • Start small mastermind groups on Google Wave (I have an incredible group going. Very small. Very useful.)
  • Donate four hours a week to a charity, giving them more promotion and exposure for their causes, equipping them with more ways to find what they need.
  • Connect to 10 people every day. Make it a blend of 5 people you’ve been in touch with, and 5 people you need to stay fresh with. Ask for nothing. Offer everything. ( Tim Sanders does this well.)
  • Give your local school teachers or library a free class on how to use the tools for their projects.
  • Turn your lens on your family. Tell family stories for future generations.

To me, the cool stuff has very much yet to happen. We can do SO much more.

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