Affair’s scent

Nota Importante: En uno de mis misteriosos encuentros con lo desconocido, encontré esta carta de amor, un amor distinto al convencional y correcto, un amor que no le da a nadie orgullo presumir. Socialmente penado por el morbo de las costumbres y el compromiso, peligra entre lo aceptable y el odio.

Dear Little Jebi,
Please keep in your mind that there is a pretty girl in California who often thinks of you. Know in your heart that there is a warm place in mine for you.

Remember always that life is made up of moments, like the moment you walked into a restaurant in Madrid and our eyes met. It was a pleasure to meet you that night, and I am so thankful to know you. I’ve looked at your profile many times and I must admit that I’ve seen you are in a relationship and do not care at all. You are beautiful and intelligent, a sexy man who must have his needs met. You deserve a girlfriend. I want nothing more than for you to be happy every moment of your life. Please don’t feel wrong for having a girlfriend and talking to me; I don’t want you to think ill of me.

Every girl has dreams about a tall, dark and handsome man who comes and sweeps them off of their feet and that is what you are to me. My dream come true. You and I have separate lives–different countries, schools, languages, friends–but I will come to see you (I’ll get a hotel) and expect you to detach from your life to enter into a romantic dream with me. A romantic affair. With me. And I will do nothing other than expand your heart and mind, deepen your spirituality and fuel your confidence. Trust in love. Be true to yourself. You’re heart does not lie so listen to it.

Don’t let your girlfriend see the package I sent you. I don’t want to get you into trouble; you have all of my respect. I adore you.

Peace and love, LEW


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